What We Do

We are group of writers based around the UK who focus on the Arts.

After meeting at the Bishop’s Castle Arts Festival in 2014, we decided to set up this website to have a place to publish our opinions on the Art that we see, watch and listen to everyday.

Jane Hassletyne

Having spent over two decades working in and around the West End, Jane retired at the age in 2014 and began her career as an Arts writer. Having helped so many productions off their feet throughout her professional carer, she resolved to spend some time simply watching plays and that’s how she came to meet the rest of the team. Although her love for the stage hasn’t diminished a mite, she finds that she’s spending more time bingeing TV shows than heading to the theatre…

Micheal Brokeridge

Michael long denied himself the pleasure of enjoying Art for Art’s sake. As a bachelor of 25 years, he often felt uncomfortable asking his other male friends to join him to go to art exhibition. In 2014, after hearing about the past successes of the Bishop’s Castle Art Festival, Michael decided to take himself to the Festival and give himself the chance to truly enjoy Art with no guilty thoughts, there he met a bunch of kindred spirits and he has been vocally artistic ever since.

Oscar Nailson

Despite having a career profile more suited to investment banking than anything else, Oscar has always been a music lover first and foremost. Making his living in the solitude of his bedroom office, he spends his days trading currencies and his evenings watching bands and singers at the bars and clubs of London. It was Folk music that brought Oscar to Bishop’s Castle and it continues to be the reason that he returns every year.

Helena Puremason

With a degree in Fine Art, Helena has long been immersed in the world of Renaissance paintings and impressionist landscapes – however, it’s not these forms of Art that she finds most arresting. It’s the world of Film that Helena enjoys dissecting the most, leading her to visit the cinema up to 10 times a month during a busy spell. She enjoys appreciating cinema through the perspective of Fine Art whilst still making time for some cheesy blockbusters.