Independent Business Events in the Midlands

There’s never been a better time to buy from independent businesses.

The Midlands is fast becoming one of the most popular places for entrepreneurs to launch their start-ups and businesses.

Each year at the Bishop Castle Arts Festival, we’re astounded by the ever growing number of local folks who have taken their hobby or passion and turned it into a succcessful business. We thought we’d take some time to highlight some of our favourite business based near Bishop’s Castle, in Birmingham and the rest of the Midlands. You can either seek out these business’ stores for yourself, or visit their sites to find out how else you can support them.

These are currently the favourite independent businesses for our writers to frequent:

Hillers Farm Shop Open Day

There’s something so wonderfully British about a Farm Shop and when it’s done well it can make for a gloriously wholesome (and expensive!) day out. Winner of a prestigious Countryside Alliance Award in 2016, Hillers compiles everything that’s brilliant about rural Britain and dares you not to leave with a car boot full of delicious produce and lovely home decor. Come for the day so you can have a stroll around the garden, a bite to eat at the restaurant and grab a few bits from the farm shop on your way our.

Matrix Virtual Reality Trials

When you’re networking Birmingham success is never guaranteed, even more risky is opening a business that has never been tried before. That’s exactly what Matrix Virtual Reality have done and so far it looks like it’s working! The Virtual Reality industry is a burgeoning one and the friendly chaps at Matrix have cottoned on early, opening the first Virtual Reality arcade in the Midlands. Using the popular HTC Vive headset, players can enter into virtual experiences of all kinds and get a taste of the future of gaming!

5874 – Creative Digital Marketers Showcase

Many see digital marketing as something of a dark art, but Birmingham’s 5874 are aiming to dispel these beliefs. They work on the basis that transparency is needed between a client and agency in order for the best work to be accomplished. They know that marketing isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ business and that each company has its own specific needs when it comes to how they want to be represented on the internet.

Green Cow Kitchens

Fancy a taste of local produce that delivers on flavour as well as fine-dining standards? Green Cow Kitchens does exactly that. This one-of-a-kind restaurant is open for evenings a week, offering diners a tasting menu that changes monthly in response to the seasons. The chefs here have the utmost respect for their ingredients, they source their produce as locally as possible and then task themselves with finding new ways of presenting them each and every month.

Swordfish Records

Opened in 1979 as ‘Rockers’, Swordfish Records has been providing a place for the music lovers of Birmingham to listen, buy and sell records ever since and although they’ve moved location a couple of times, their wide selection of records has piqued the interest of famous faces from the world of music including Robert Plant, Mark Ronson, Neil Diamond and Jamie Callum. As well as selling records, they’ve also released music through their own label helping to bring a new generation of Midlands music makers to prominence.

Purity Brewing Co.

Although rugby fans might associate the Purity Brewing Co. with the London Wasps, this well-established company has always had its home in Great Alne. Started by Paul Halsey and James Minkin in 2005, they set out to create beer that wouldn’t compromise on flavour or consistency, whilst also committing doing business in an ethical fashion free of prejudice. Although they only have three beers to their name, their pioneering approach to their work has made them a favourite amongst the UK’s beer drinkers.

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